For those people who have a family member that has an Alzheimer’s, it would be difficult sometimes for them to accept the fact that it is happening to one of the members of their family. They don’t sometimes about the proper caring and even how to deal with this kind of situation. People who have an early sign and stage of this would still be able to recognize things and be able to cope up with daily lives, but of course this is not going to be the same as time passes by. Moreover, to this kind of disease there will be a tendency that after a couple of weeks or months everything will change abruptly. So, you as a supportive member of the family you need to be more open-minded about all the challenges and possibilities to take care of that person with this kind of disease. Remember, this is the one that you need to show your love to them and this is the perfect time to cherish every moment that is passing by each day. There are some Qualified Caregivers that can help you with assisting the patience with this problem. You could be a partner to help each other surpass the day.

You can have a weekly check-up to get to know about the problem and the development. Don’t consider them as a handicapped person, they can still manage to do things but of course they will be needing your guidance. You need to think about their safety in doing something. If you know that he or she can still do something on her own, then let her perform that specific task. But make sure that every time he or she needs your help you are just there to response immediately.

Don’t let her or him to do something that will add stress to her or him. You need to know what kinds of things can they still able to do before letting them to do one. For example, you can ask them to go to the super market and buy some foods and grocery items there. It will just turn into a terrible situation as they will have a hard time thinking about what to buy even if they have their lists. So, better let them participate in making a list of the things that they are going to buy. It would be less stressful to them and it will be healthy for them to practice thinking ability.

As a care person to that specific patient needs a lot of patience. So, you better try to make things work together. Try to get their attention by may be doing something together and have a conversation while doing it. You can try to ask her or him if they need assistance about remembering the names of the places or someone or maybe about planning for an event. You can prepare them healthy foods as well and of course if she or he can still do some exercise if it is better to encourage them to do so.